A Next-Generation Tokenized Social Interaction Platform.


The first democratic and free social network created so that individuals and companies alike can generate wealth using a token of value. Do business, find investors, create your NFTs, earn money by watching videos and add value to your content

Why Viblos?

Are you tired of giant tech companies using your data as well as targeting and bombarding you with advertising without your consent, and worst of all, you get nothing out of it? Viblos is going to help create a new synergy on the internet.
This new model combines blockchain technology with social networks. By allowing you to generate income as a passive user without having to create content, Viblos is going to make the impossible possible.
On Viblos, you’ll be able to earn money in multiple different ways while at the same time sharing and monetizing your contributions in a secure, transparent and verifiable way. Users or content creators can decide to be paid not only with fiat money or other cryptocurrencies, but with the platform's own token as well.

Generate Wealth!

Viblos offers you a wide variety of ways to generate income. From looking for investors for a great business idea to selling objects and/or bartering with them, it also allows content creators to earn money by valuing their talents and various social interactions.

The token’s value is generated by you and your community in a democratic way instead of by a small group of people sitting behind their desks, deciding what is good and what is not. With Viblos, we’re introducing a new concept called “value of people”, or VoP, which allows for showcasing talents and abilities from an artistic, communicational, educational and entrepreneurial perspective.

Our Ecosystem - Tokenized Social Network

We welcome all users. On Viblos, it’s not only the content creators that can value their talents and various social interactions, anyone can.

How does it work?


If you’re a user, you can monetize your interactions within the platform, if you’re a content creator, you can tokenize them. Decentralization is the core concept of Viblos, allowing artists and entrepreneurs to validate their art or projects before introducing them to the market.


Advertising? Don’t want to see advertisements? No problem. You can simply deactivate them! If you do choose to seem them though, you can use them to earn money. Viblos allows you to make money if you activate advertisements, but that is totally up to you! Through advertising and promotions, entrepreneurs, celebrities and influencers can increase their sales in the Viblos ecosystem. Viblos is creating a new form of business and a way for users to generate income while enjoying the benefits of VoP and establishing relationships based on common interests.

Viblos groups


The groups in Viblos are spaces within the social network for different users with common interests, where knowledge, content or information are shared.

Any user can create a unique group and key for what they want to publish. Once the group is created, users can be added and removed. Viblos users can determine who can access their data and profile.

Content participation


A basic principle of Viblos, is that both users and creators can generate revenue income. The platform will allow users to decide whether they want to broadcast their content to all of their followers or only to specific groups or users.

Unlike other platforms, Viblos offers you the possibility to delete all of your data in a simple way. Therefore, Viblos will not share your personal information with anyone. Viblos' business model is not based on monetizing your data or targeting you. If you decide to participate in the advertising program, you’ll earn money because a significant part of the advertising revenue will be used not only to pay the content creators but also the users who watch the videos. If you don’t want to see any advertisements at all, you can simply unsubscribe from the advertising models by clicking on the right button. Unlike other platforms, where you have to pay to not see advertisements, Viblos gives you the option of not seeing any advertising at all, or seeing it and earning money while you’re at it.

Heroes of the Sea 

With Viblos, you can actually earn money while helping to protect the oceans.


Do you want to know the best part?

You can help protect the oceans and receive a return on your investment, all at the same time. We want to take a different approach and angle to the support of ecological projects.
We believe that well-aligned capitalism can do a lot of good. We want those who support our projects to have the opportunity of receiving a return on their contribution.


Viblos stakeholders


General users
Viblos allows users to have full control over the distribution of their content and grants them property rights in the form of a token that guarantees monetization.

Content creators
Viblos is implementing a disintermediated and decentralized direct revenue-based platform for content producers. This platform allows them to validate their works before putting them on the market through an algorithmic validation model, based on community consensus. The creators’ is also monetizable on the platform.

Thanks to its algorithmic transparency and tokenization model, Viblos allows entrepreneurs and marketers to engage with organic communities. Unlike traditional social networks where user data is collected automatically, you decide what information you want to share on Viblos.

Viblos features

Viblos is a transparent platform where the community decides and allows its users to create and monetize their contents.

User profile


Viblos uses cryptography to ensure the security of users’ profiles. Users can choose which level of security they want and are afforded greater protection on the social network because they can have up to three layers of security to verify their identity.

Friendships and follow-ups


Establish private links to other users through encrypted communication. Viblos allows you to assist and support other users by granting them public recognition that can be monetized through the creation of tokens.

The Viblo Token

VIBLO is the fundamental unit of account on the Viblos network. It is a native token that we have explicitly designed to facilitate transactions on the platform. As a native token, VIBLO can be purchased or sold on major cryptocurrency exchanges.VIBLO is the fundamental unit of account on the Viblos network. It’s a native token that we’ve explicitly designed to facilitate transactions on the platform.

Features Specifications
Blockchain BSC
Token Name VIBLO
Token supply 3,000,000,000 VIBLO
Issuance price 1 VIBLO = US$0.0009
Supported Sessions TBD
Decimal 18
Burnable Yes
Pre-Sale Soft Cap Bonus

Token Allocation


The token issuance will generate 3,000,000,000 Viblos.

Item Allocation(%)
Founders 20% (600,000,000 VIBLOs)
Early contributors 10% (300,000,000 VIBLOs)
Marketing and promotion 5% (150,000,000 VIBLOs)
Advisors and team 5% (150,000,000 VIBLOs)
Liquidity and staking rewards 60% (1,800,000,000 VIBLOs)

What makes Viblos so special?


Viblos is a blockchain-enabled social network that offers the following advantages:

Greater (increased) privacy - you control your data

User privacy is one of our priorities, we make sure that users’ data is safe and protected, part of our social network is based on the blockchain and allows p2p sharing of information, where only the two parties know about it.User privacy is one of our priorities and we ensure that user data is safe and secure. Part of our social network is based on the blockchain and enables a P2P information exchange that only the two involved parties are aware of.

Viblos guarantees content monetization

Viblos allows users control the way in which their content is distributed and guarantees monetization by granting them property rights through a token.

Thanks to community arbitration, users can access quality content

Combined with the services provided by the blockchain function, the integration of the community into the democratic decision-making process will guarantee the quality of content within the social network.

Greater privacy, you control your data

You decide whether or not you want to store your content permanently.
Thanks to its immutability properties, our platform allows users to decide if they want to store their content permanently or not.

Our roadmap

Do you want to receive updates on our progress?

  • 2021

    Q3 – 2021

    Q3 – 2021

    July 8, 2021

    Project Kickoff

  • 2021

    Q4 – 2021

    Q4 – 2021

    July 9, 2021

    MVP Dev Start
    v 1.0

  • 2021

    Q1 – 2022

    Q1 – 2022

    July 9, 2021

    Closed Beta
    Public Beta

  • 2021

    Q2 – 2022

    Q2 – 2022

    July 9, 2021

    Go Live MVP

  • 2021

    Q3 – 2022

    Q3 – 2022

    July 9, 2021

    Go Live 1.0

  • 2021

    Q4 – 2022

    Q4 – 2022

    July 9, 2021

    Token Integration

  • 2021

    Q1 – 2023

    Q1 – 2023

    July 9, 2021

    Release 1.5

Our Team

Daniel Schabron

Business Developer & Founder

Carlos Pérez

Founder and CEO of Viblos

York Hovest

CEO of Heroes of the Sea

Daniel Bauer

COO of Heroes of the Sea

Saskia Hovest

PR of Heroes of the Sea

Martina Diezi

Public Relations

Letizia Bucher

Media Manager

Dominique Manfredi

Digital Business Development

Miguel A. Pérez

Finance Expert Consultant

Héctor Bonet

Legal Expert

Content creators are rewarded


We inspire users to contribute content. Users can earn tokens when they create and preserve quality content. They can also be rewarded with VIBLOs when they share content on the Viblos platform.


Viblos is a tokenized social interaction platform. It is conceived as a collaborative social network where individuals and companies can exchange goods and services, create businesses or showcase their artistic talent. Introduce yourself using a 1-minute-video, under the formula "you have 1 minute to show the best of yourself".
Viblos is focused exclusively on wealth creation through business entrepreneurship or artistic talent. The advantage is that Viblos allows you to have your own token and earn money if the community likes you. The novelty is that transactions within the platform are made with cryptocurrencies and tokens.
Viblos seeks to respect the wishes of its users: if they want all their data to be deleted, it will be done immediately. This data will be encrypted and will not be shared with anyone. In Viblos you have the "right to be forgotten" unlike other platforms that are linked or interconnected, making it impossible to do so.
Yes, but you are not forced to see it, you can have VIBLOS without ads and you don't have to pay anything for it.
Yes, this is one of Viblos' innovations. A significant portion of advertising revenues will go to users who choose to view ads. You can activate or deactivate the ads option whenever you want.
No, Viblos is "free", you don't have to pay anything to create an account, upload, or view content within the platform. There are private user areas that can only be accessed for a fee, but most of the content is free.
No, Viblos is shown only as a showcase where users publish all kinds of educational, business, or artistic content focused on doing business.
Yes, you can advertise your business with a 1-minute-video and drive customers to your website to increase sales of your products or services.
VIBLOS will only ask you for basic data (name, email, and password) to create your account and access the platform, these access credentials are encrypted in the databases so that they are unreadable and only the user knows them. If you wish to participate in the advertising revenue program then you will have to enter more data such as age, gender, and some preferences.
Payments within VIBLOS are 100% secure. All information is encrypted and meets the highest security standards.
It consists of a multidisciplinary team of 10 people of recognized prestige and extensive business experience ranging from the world of social networks to marketing, finance, and ecology.
Register by filling out a simple form and you will become part of the community. After logging in you will be able to upload your video, introduce yourself and show yourself to others.
Viblos introduces the "Internet of People" (IoP) as a new concept that refers to the digitization and tokenization of relationships and activities between people, connecting the desires of some with the aspirations of others and serving as a channel for business, art, or any kind of manifestation.
The creation of value comes from the community itself and arises from decentralization and democratization, leaving aside experts who decide whether a product or artistic manifestation has value or not, the decision will ultimately be made by the community, Viblos will accommodate a new concept of Value of Art "VoA".
Yes, Viblos will also enable interoperability by facilitating the exchange of fiat currencies for cryptocurrencies or tokens within the platform.
Yes, Viblos is designed as a platform where your wishes and dreams can come true, from being a singer to creating your own company, everything can be possible within Viblos. Come in, make your wish and make it come true!!! Show the world your entrepreneurial and artistic or educational talent and succeed, "if you are worth you will succeed", your talent has value.

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