Viblos is a tokenized social interaction platform. It is conceived as a collaborative social network where individuals and companies can exchange goods and services, create businesses or showcase their artistic talent. Introduce yourself using a 1-minute-video, under the formula “you have 1 minute to show the best of yourself”.

Viblos is focused exclusively on wealth creation through business entrepreneurship or artistic talent. The advantage is that Viblos allows you to have your own token and earn money if the community likes you. The novelty is that transactions within the platform are made with cryptocurrencies and tokens.

Viblos seeks to respect the wishes of its users: if they want all their data to be deleted, it will be done immediately. This data will be encrypted and will not be shared with anyone. In Viblos you have the “right to be forgotten” unlike other platforms that are linked or interconnected, making it impossible to do so.

 Yes, but you are not forced to see it, you can have VIBLOS without ads and you don’t have to pay anything for it.

Yes, this is one of Viblos’ innovations. A significant portion of advertising revenues will go to users who choose to view ads. You can activate or deactivate the ads option whenever you want.

No, Viblos is “free”, you don’t have to pay anything to create an account, upload, or view content within the platform. There are private user areas that can only be accessed for a fee, but most of the content is free.

No, Viblos is shown only as a showcase where users publish all kinds of educational, business, or artistic content focused on doing business.

Yes, you can advertise your business with a 1-minute-video and drive customers to your website to increase sales of your products or services.

 VIBLOS will only ask you for basic data (name, email, and password) to create your account and access the platform, these access credentials are encrypted in the databases so that they are unreadable and only the user knows them. If you wish to participate in the advertising revenue program then you will have to enter more data such as age, gender, and some preferences.

Payments within VIBLOS are 100% secure. All information is encrypted and meets the highest security standards.

It consists of a multidisciplinary team of 10 people of recognized prestige and extensive business experience ranging from the world of social networks to marketing, finance, and ecology.

Register by filling out a simple form and you will become part of the community. After logging in you will be able to upload your video, introduce yourself and show yourself to others.

The creation of value comes from the community itself and arises from decentralization and democratization, leaving aside experts who decide whether a product or artistic manifestation has value or not, the decision will ultimately be made by the community, Viblos will accommodate a new concept of Value of Art “VoA”.

Yes, Viblos will also enable interoperability by facilitating the exchange of fiat currencies for cryptocurrencies or tokens within the platform.

Yes, Viblos is designed as a platform where your wishes and dreams can come true, from being a singer to creating your own company, everything can be possible within Viblos. Come in, make your wish and make it come true!!! Show the world your entrepreneurial and artistic or educational talent and succeed, “if you are worth you will succeed”, your talent has value.

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